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Join us every evening at 7 PM from August 1 - August 21, 2023 on our daily journey towards hope, healing and overcoming to completely reset you life.

Here is what you missed:

Day 1   - In The Beginning

Day 2   - It's Celebration Time

Day 3   - What Happens in the Dark

Day 4   - Indiscretions

Day 5   - Waiting for Healing

Day 6   - Are You Hungry

Day 7   - Let it Flow

Day 8   - No Condemnation

Day 9   - Comfort in the Mess

Day 10 - The Good Shepherd

Day 11 - It's Not Too Late

Day 12 - Sacrifice

Day 13 - Dirty Feet

Day 14 - Mansion Status

Day 15 - Who are You Connected To?

Day 16 - From Grief to Hope

Day 17 - Supported Prayers

Day 18 - Don't Deny the Power

Research tells us it takes 21 days to form and break new habits. Through an in-depth study of the Book of John, you will completely Reset your life in 21 days by discovering a biblical framework that shatters any beliefs or assumptions regarding breaking bad habits or addictions and replacing them with habits that help you and honor Christ. Click on the image above to order the Red Letter Edition of the 21 Day Reset.  

Oakwood University Freshman Student 21 Day Reset

Dear family! Pastor Paul Graham, and IOTA Faith Ministries, are asking you to help change the lives of the incoming Freshman Class of Oakwood University by providing each student with the book, "21 Day Reset: Resetting Your Life From the Book of John. The book encourages readers to reflect on changing bad habits and forming new ones. 


If you are willing to assist in supplying 500 books to the Freshmen students, please Donate Here! You can also donate on Cash App at $fullcircleministries


Thank you for your generosity and kindness.


Pastor Paul Graham 

Your Help, Love, and Prayers are Needed


A family in NY has been displaced due to their house burning to the ground earlier this week. Karen, her husband, her two 20-year-old children, parents (one w/ cancer, the other with Alzheimer's) all have nothing but the clothes they ran out of the house with and a couple of personal items. Please consider sending anything you can to $KarenPuccio via CashApp. Anything will help as they wait for insurance to send funds to rebuild.

May the Lord Bless You!

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